Pick - A - Material

make your own material library!

Picamat is a material platform for people to discover
material, furniture, lighting and home decor for their interior space.
Picamat is also a community to connect architects, designers, home-owners and
design enthusiasts to share ideas and inspiring each others.


PICAMAT [pic-a-mat]

Picamat was founded by two interior designers, Jessica and Omen. With their experience in the field, they understand all the process of getting a project done.

When starting a new project, they are always researching for new products, calling for pricing and samples and wait for all informations come.

Why Picamat?

Picamat platform makes all these process in a fun and playful way. At Picamat, you can Pick, Like, Share and Create.

  • Pick

    Pick a product and save to your board.

  • Like

    Like a product and collect to your page.

  • Share

    Share your products with friends to discuss ideas.

  • Create

    Create your space through Picamat.