Brush Tile

Brush is not for cleaning only.

In our daily basis we use the common brush for tasks such as: cleaning the floor, walls, bathroom, kitchen, etc. However it will never occur to us to use this material as an element of architectonic design.

From Braun Brush, the brush tile expands over 100 years of brush making knowledge. They engineered the technique offering textures created from the common brush fibers to be integrated on walls, ceilings, and for furniture details. They created a wide variety of color and composition and durability in which people can feel connected with the space. They provide the following types. Natural, synthetic, custom and translucent.

The tile size can be a squaro or rectangle based on the standard 11.875” x 11.875”.

Behalf using it as an interior element, it can be used as well as an exterior element such as corner tiles, with fibers angled gradually up to each outer edge to create a sharp corner. For edge finishing the plywood brush tiles can incorporate a wood banding to cover the plywood layers. It brings the outside dimensions of the tile 12” x 12”. The brush is made with the same material as Braun, so it is extremely durable.


Brush Tile is represented in New York by Robin Reigi. Given to its shape the maintenance of this material is by washing it or vacuum it.


- By Nelly Daniela Ortiz Canales