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Vendor Basic

How to upload a product ?

There are two ways to upload a product:

  • click board icon a> add a board > Upload a product

  • click list icon > upload a product

I want to sell on Picamat, how to become a vendor?

  • To sell your products at Picamat, simply registered from Vendor Sign-up Page, go through the process and fill in the information, we will review your products and will contact you within 2 weeks by email. If you did not receive email from us in 2 weeks, please email back and check with us.help@picamat.com

  • Store pages are created when products are posted from an online store. Picamat users can follow a store page to receive updates whenever new products are added.

How do hashtag works?

Hashtags are a quick and easy way to help products get discovered.
Maximize your tags. It is recommend to add as many hashtags as you can found in the tag bar at your product upload page, so user may found your products at search bar.

How can i improve my sales?

Good management of your store will help to improve sales.
The key to increasing your sales is having your target audience on Picamat discover your products. Here are some easy ways to ensure your products are reaching the right audience.

Save your products to collections

Saving products together in collections builds relationships between different products on Picamat. Whenever a user looks at an individual product on Picamat, there is a group of suggested products shown underneath that product.

Use your creativity to play with your board. The board can be divided by style, categories or brand. The board is a showcase of your shop’s personality and taste.

Regularly add new products

When a new product is added to Picamat, we give it extra visibility to help circulate it to users. Provide your target audience a fresh new products to attract their interest.

Upload perfect product photos

Since you are selling your products through photos, a great photo grabs people’s attention. For best results, please:

  • Show your photo with Day Light.

  • Keep Things Crisp and Clear


  • quickly share your new product board with designers to build up your followers.

  • share on facebook. Millions of people use facebook everyday, connect people with facebook helps you to share your products.

  • join our Feature Product List. Feature product is the product shows on each product page that people can’t not missed it. It is the new release products or holiday promotion products published by Picamat. For more information about Feature Products, please contact us at help@picamat.com

Get to know Picamat

“Pick” buttons are visual bookmark.

"" any product you like.

Where can i view the products i’ve picked?

Every product you “pick” or “like” can be found on your profile. Get to your profile by clicking your avatar on the top right of any page on the website.

What is board?

Boards are where you save and organize your Pins. You can make boards for anything and everything.

How do i edit and delete a board?

At your profile page, find the edit button below each board and click "". Make any changes to the board name, description, etc.Use the Delete Board button if you want to permanently delete your board.

What is a secret board?

Secret board is a private board only you and people you invited can view. You can make secret boards, or invite other people to “PICK” with you on a board. If the project’s for a special event and you don't want people to know about it yet, make a secret board and reveal it to the world whenever you're ready.

How can i share a board?

To share a board with your friend and family, simply click on “” button at top right corner of your picked product page and click to choose the way of sharing. You may share by copy the link and paste to friends or simply share by facebook.

How to invite friends?

Invite people to Picamat.

You may invite your friends to join Picamat by Email or Facebook.
By Email:
By Facebook:

Inviting people to boards

You can invite people to any of your boards and make it as a Group Board. Group boards are shared boards—anyone you invite can “PICK” to them. They're great for planning projects, making a party list, or simply sharing ideas with a group.
From the board’s Edit page, plug a name or email into the Collaborators box and Invite them. They’ll see a notification about your invite

How to move a product I saved in the board?

To move a pinned product from the board, simply hover your mouse to the image and click “ ”, your board list will appeared. Please check and uncheck the board to move the product.

How to report a problem?

If a product image or information you see on Picamat is not clear, you can report it. Just click the grey flag at product page next to buy button, and pick up the problem you want to report.

Account Management

Forgot Password

Please go to Forgot Password to reset your password.

How do I change my password and email?

From your profile click the gear button , then Account settings. Enter your new password and save when finished.